Lighting competition has changed

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        In the current lighting market, although the number of enterprises is increasing year by year, but for consumers, the brand name is only so two or three, in the industry downturn and market competition intensified market environment, the lighting business Want to stand out in many brands, but also need to strengthen its own brand building. Lighting competition has changed, the brand gradually focus Lighting industry in the country after nearly 30 years of history precipitation, and todays lighting market compared with the lighting market twenty years ago, all aspects of a drastic change. For a long time, the lighting market many brands, crowded, in the property market soaring, regardless of the size of enterprises, can get a piece of cake, the days pour too moist. However, under the background of economic restructuring and the new normal, the industry consolidation is accelerating and the brand is moving toward concentration. With the urbanization of foreign-funded lighting brand after years of accumulation, has squeezed out a considerable part of the small brand market, while the domestic corporate brand quickly concentrated, some small brands have been hard to find traces of its market share by more than 1 billion yuan in sales Lighting brands are divided, the entire lighting industry competition has undergone tremendous changes. In order to become one of the few brands that ultimately survive after the change of pattern, the lighting enterprises must make new tactics in brand operation.

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