Chinas lighting business there is a serious problem of excess capacity

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        Lighting industry has always been considered a high-profit industry, so more and more enterprises choose to cross-border development, for a time the lamp market overcrowded. And due to blind production enterprises, the industry slowed down, the loss of rigid demand and other reasons, leading to overcapacity phenomenon highlights. Lighting business there is the problem of overcapacity Now, the promotion of lighting intensified, especially buy promotions is engaging in trials and tribes, both large and small festivals or anniversary celebrations and even eight pole can not fight the day will buy activities. Although these groups buy some benefits to consumers, but also from the side shows the status of the lighting sales weakness. Lighting industry has always been for the scale, the importance of sales, while ignoring the products core technology and the rate of lamp sold out, making the majority of lighting companies exist overcapacity, large inventories. The new business model to become the mainstream of lighting sales Lamp industry was born at the beginning of the impact of shopping malls, lighting companies have much productivity is the key to its success, the higher the productivity that you have a higher market share. The lamp market after years of development, especially the rise of e-commerce, changing the long-term consumer shopping habits. Making the new business model become the mainstream of lighting sales, but the lamps are too low threshold, making many SME owners are not aware of the changes in the industry, did not take the initiative to change the industry and business model. SMEs can not understand the final direction of the development of the industry, but large-scale enterprises in the lighting industry for many years, has long been sensitive to feel a new round of revolution in the lighting industry. However, after the big business was over, many models have been finalized. In order to maintain the stability and profitability of enterprises, it is very hard for business owners to show courage that they can not take the initiative to seek reforms, eventually resulting in a disgusting cycle. The formation of tail can not afford the trend. Slight overcapacity may enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. However, if the gap between overcapacity is too large, it will step by step down the business.

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