LED industry market analysis of the industry in a steady period of development

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        The main growth in the global LED market to maintain rapid growth comes from the explosive growth of indoor general lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, backlighting and outdoor LED large screen. From a global perspective, LED industry is in a steady period of development, the current global LED industry can be divided into four major regions. First, Europe and the United States, with general lighting as the main direction of the product features high reliability and high brightness. Second, Japan has leading technology in both general lighting and backlit displays, taking into account general lighting, automobiles, cell phones and TVs. Third, Taiwan and South Korea, with backlight display as the main line, including mobile phones, TV, computer backlight, large shipments but low gross margin. Fourth, mainland China, the main business for the outdoor display, advertising screens and lighting and other fields. The main growth of the global LED market to maintain rapid growth from the general indoor lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, backlight and LED outdoor screen and other explosive growth in the next 3-5 years, as the technology matures and costs Decline, LED penetration rate in the field of general lighting market will be further improved, and automotive lighting, small spacing LED display applications such as the continued expansion is expected to usher in a new round of LED industry outbreak. According to the "LED Industry Market Prospects and Investment Strategy Analysis Report" released by Forward Industry Research Institute, the global penetration rate of LED lighting in 2016 is around 31%. It is estimated that the market scale of LED lighting in 2017 will reach 40.4 billion U.S. dollars. The penetration rate Up 37%. The estimated annual compound annual growth rate of LED lighting in 2017-2021 is 12%.

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